Learn World of Warcraft Demon Hunter, all the great things you can do

Demon Hunter is the second “hero class” World of Warcraft, because the first one was launched eight years ago in anger. This is for those who play in the next piece of information reservation Tuesday, Legion. Blizzard launched today developers out what kind of preview demon hunter players can really think.

Classification is based on Illidan Stormrage, the main rival of the 2007 Burning Crusade. (Lore about support integrated graphics Demon Hunter A class can be seen here.) In the preview, the designers Eric Maloof and Graham Berger said, the opportunity to return to their burned Illidan’s fate, expanding his activities and adventure demon hunter Illidan.

Lineage 2 came to move due Netmarble

Since earlier this year, Nexon company VS NCsoft’s drama section, NCsoft acquired the Korean compatriots studio Netmarble 9.8% of the shares. Although this was originally seen as a strategy to prevent a hostile takeover by a company Nexon, hastily arranged in cooperation has begun to expose some fruit. The first successful game is the future of cooperation from the struggle, mobile RPG game brawler style game miracle.

Now they have announced plans Which comes to the classic MMORPG Lineage 2 ported to mobile platforms. First released in 2003, now nearly 12 years old, the game still has a modest following, especially in South Korea. Project S is in the transition to planned line moving NCsoft will mean that in heaven all three games of the franchise will have a mobile presense. The original version of the mobile application heaven in March 31, 2014 and the upcoming release of the back of eternal paradise (aka Paradise 3) plans to launch a cross-platform out of the gate.

Here’s the latest trailer paradise 2, PC version that is. It remains to be seen whether the mobile version will provide true cross-platform game, or just having a complementary remuneration supporting applications.

Athena’s Wrath closed next week

Baine called for his Sunwalkers to halt as each side faced down the other. There was nowhere to go but backward. The air grew heavy and redolent of a cloying, earthy odor as more and more of the ashen beasts filled in every space of the cavern. But no attack came. It was as if they were sizing up these invaders, formulating a plan as to their next move.

Free-to-play partner Kuuplay and GameGuyz have a rough time on the steaming pot. See reckless commotion, the magic barrage – Bitferno, and anger of Athena greenlit, see the removal of reckless Ruckus, whose game has been constant criticism in the vicinity of the steam community, each player holding a “mostly negative.” rating. This is in stark contrast to the online community, where the game has been hosted in Kongregate’s, R2Games and develop their own websites, but also to get better ratings, such as Magic Barrage – Bitferno currently holds a four-star rating Kongregate’s .

However, it seems there is not enough steam to receive outside income will continue to host the Athena’s Wrath. Since the release of steam Community, flash-based, Greek mythology themed MMORPG will see its last remaining server closes July 26. Considering the ratings, the game is “the overwhelming praise of praise and worship steaming pot” argument is a little strange, but even better reception is hiding somewhere, it seems, this is not enough game.

Afro Samurai 2: Episode One launch as more gruesome bear this month

The first three episodes of Afro Samurai 2: I [official website], about a robot warrior and face bear revenge nightmare stories from the upcoming Windows 22 September.

An incidental Takashi Okazaki’s original manga, Kuma’s Revenge follows the cybernetic bear dude Kumar, who is a guy who at one point, the best friend in the name of Afro Samurai’s antics. Kumar – who, confusingly, also known as Jinno – now after poor African-American, to avenge his sister’s death by. You see, it makes sense, if you’ve played the first game.
The team’s top-secret Studios specially RZA of Wu-Tang Clan who help develop musical talent for the game’s soundtrack help. Here is community director Lance James said about it:

“He was music director of the franchise, because the original animated series (Did you know that he actually is now immortal Afro Samurai as a new character, Bobby Digital, who you can see in this game). The music is Afro Samurai brand a very important element of their stories, provide context and play some of the game’s most crucial elements of the story. In fact, you could almost say that even before the development of the game has started music under development.

“Hundreds of hours have been put into this soundtrack is a labor of love, and love for the franchise, has been created to consider all of these tracks. – And with the guidance and support from the RZA – you want to experience a great African-American soundtrack . “

Rockets season ranked league patch kicks off

1.05 Rocket Union [official website] patch hit the first race of the season mean ranking has officially begun, your PC gamers can now eliminate from your PS4 game players (Rocketeers?).building their stinking nests among the rocks of the spires.
By skimming patch notes ranking stuff is the biggest news (although I’m not sure if I will, until the 3D space to deal with how I work better in this game it’s coming at 50 feet). The PS4 thing is that it increases the online play update PC makers filtered Playstation 4 players of the matchmaking search options.Purging ravagers was a menial task, especially for sun-sages like Viryx and Iskar.

The ranking is based on the players you get, or based on skill level, skills, teammates and opponents skills lost rank points. You will receive a distribution based on skill level before your season, if you participate in a ranking. I do not know if you did not attend, They had trained their whole lives to wield Rukhmar’s fiery power as their own,but I think it makes you can not sort the division and you have your way what happened. 100 ranking points to get these push you to the next disagreement, but less than 0:00 to let you soak back down a division. Platinum is the highest, and means that you are one of the top 100 players. There is no actual time set end date, but the first quarter will continue for several months.

what else? Well, you can read the full patch notes here, but there is one thing that stand out to me:

You can now decorate your antenna a series of new social and national flags (community things, such as MLG or Razer’s brand). I admit I do not know before, “Puntland” and wondered if this was a reference to punt the ball, so the pitch of Puntland. It is actually the northern region of Somalia has declared an autonomous state of their own. Obviously, the name is based on an ancient kingdom,to call down her light as a weapon against their enemies. it might have been in the same area, and listed with Egypt, known as the punt land. This is a sign of my favorite looks:

Obviously, the above stripes flag from Somalia, the middle one is peace and stability, the green symbolizes natural wealth.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Will Be Getting a Game of the Year Edition on PC

Last year, Square Enix did the impossible when they took the disaster of a game that was Final Fantasy XIV, and then retooled it into the amazing, gorgeous, beautiful Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which stood not only as a game that was miles better than the original FF14, but also a great MMORPG that might currently be the best game in its genre, as well as the best Final Fantasy game in years.

Well, if you somehow haven’t jumped in on the game yet, Square Enix is now going to offer you more of a reason to- in November, they will be releasing a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Game of the Year Edition, which will come in a high quality, printed “Book of Diamonds” Grimoire box, contain 5 exclusive art cards and include 30 days of playtime, as well as a digital timecard for an additional 60 free days of adventure in the realms of Eorzea, for a grand total of 90 days that you can play the game before you need to pay for a subscription.

It sounds like a great deal (though the positioning of it might be a bit suspect), and really, if you are a fan of either Final Fantasy or MMORPGs, you owe it to yourself to check this game out, so might as well jump in with this edition.


World of Warcraft Development Team Already Working on Future Expansions

World of Warcraft may slowly be dwindling down- its subscriber count this past quarter was the lowest it has been in years- but it still remains a massive behemoth, and especially in the wake of the cancellation of Titan, Blizzard’s long planned next generation MMORPG, the developer remains committed to it. In fact, it’s already working on future expansion packs with a development team that is the largest this game has ever had.

“The World of Warcraft team is 50 percent larger today than it was when we shipped Mists of Pandaria [two years ago],”World of Warcraft executive producer J. Allen Brack told Polygon. “We’re already working on the next expansion. We already have ideas for the expansion after that. We’ve never been larger. We’ve never been more forward-thinking about the types of things that we can do with World of Warcraft.”

This sounds good to me as Blizzard needs to keep World of Warcraft relevant and active. If its subscription count continues to drop, then, with nothing to replace the game, Blizzard might find that its bottom line has been sorely hit.


Cryptic, Wizards of the Coast aren’t worried about ‘D&D Next’ hurting Neverwinter MMO

Neverwinter beta Neverwinter hit its open beta phase Tuesday. The upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game from developer Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment is one of the few major Dungeons & Dragons games in development during this generation of gaming.

This transmedia project — not only is Neverwinter part of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, it’s also a book series from author R.A. Salvatore — is also coming out during an interesting time in D&D history. Neverwinter (originally scheduled to debut in 2012) is coming out while the 4th Edition of the tabletop game is winding down and the upcoming edition, dubbed “D&D Next” for now, is in playtesting.

Both Cryptic and D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast aren’t worried about this transition. Both don’t see the upcoming MMO as tied to the aging 4th Edition rules and world — even if the novels and Neverwinter core rulebooks are — nor do they fear that a future 5th Edition will make it redundant.

“[We’re] not worried at all. We’re superexcited to see the next version of Dungeons & Dragons!” said Neverwinter lead designer Zeke Sparkes. “We aren’t actually based or bound by any one particular set of the rules. We are trying to make a game that is evocative of D&D as a whole, not just one version of it.

“Plus most of us are big D&D fans and can’t wait to play the new system, so that doesn’t hurt, either.”

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Wizards of the Coast says it’s not the rules that matter for Neverwinter, even if some players aren’t happy about the effects the transition from one edition’s ruleset to another has on the pen-and-paper and video game versions of the franchise.

“Neverwinter is an outstanding expression of Dungeons & Dragons and which mechanics they base their game play off isn’t important,” says Dungeons & Dragons brand director Nathan Stewart. “What is important is that a fan of D&D will play the game and have a great experience true to the brand.”

When it comes to the story of Neverwinter, which expands on the events of Salvatore’s series and D&D‘s Neverwinter campaign rulebook, Sparkes maintains nailing those details is far more important than dealing with core D&D rules.

“What happens with the story, history, and setting of Forgotten Realms has a bigger impact on us,” Sparkes said. “Fortunately, our relationship with WotC is really
good, and we get to help them tell their stories moving forward as a full-fledged part of the setting.”

Both sides see “D&D Next” as a good thing for Neverwinter — while the rules may be different, the increased attention that the playtest is bringing to D&D actually helps the MMO.

“People get excited when a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons comes out,” Sparkes said. ” As a part of that world now, anything that helps Wizards of the Coast make D&D stronger is really good for us. We work with them very frequently, so we’re already planning for what they have in store for the Forgotten Realms and are super excited to be a part of it.”

Where is Trion’s head at these days?

I’d say that I’m not sure what to think of Trion these days, except I think I am. In fact, I’m growing more confident in my opinion of them every day. What I don’t understand is where their head is at and why they are making certain decisions which make it easy for people to form such an opinion of them. Let’s take a quick look at their history.

Rift :: 3 monther (later turned F2P and doing decent last I checked). Ultimately “failed” because the me-too product status could not win over the current WoW crowd. Why play Rift when you can play WoW?

End of Nations :: Dead in development. It was a half-baked RTS that tried to turn into an awkward MOBA. I don’t know what End of Nations was, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t either.

Defiance :: Flopped attempt at merging a game with a tv show. It’s… bad.

ArcheAge :: An odd mix of themepark and sandbox elements that never formed the cohesion needed to create a lasting experience. The PvP was ganky, the PvE was boring, and the bugs/cheats/exploits made the game unplayable for most of the people who overlooked or even enjoyed the gameplay.

Trove :: It’s like Minecraft meets MMO meets… I don’t know. It’s a little bit hodgepodge and the production qualify felt off to me. I was hoping for it to be enjoyable, but ultimately I stopped playing because it felt ‘cheap’.

So there’s the history. Lots of half-baked ideas and odd execution and implementation choices. Trion doesn’t seem to be stopping there. They recently announced “Devilian” which not only sounds generic but looks the part as well (as seen on their recent video release below).
Devilian looks like an outdated Asian Diablo clone supposedly containing PvP, MOBA, and MMO elements. Once again it feels like Trion is making/publishing a hodgepodge me-too product way after the expiration date. It simply doesn’t look to be any fun at all.

I hate feeling like I’m bashing on them. I genuinely don’t have the animosity this might portray. I’m simply confused and honestly a little shocked that the ideas are so poor. Here’s a studio with potential that makes one weird choice after another — namely their choice to continue publishing these games coming out of Asia.


InnoGames announces Tribal Wars 2

The game will be called Tribal Wars 2 internationally (as opposed to its predecessor, which is known as Guerre Tribale in France, Guerres Tribales in Spain, etc.), and is planned to start its browser beta within the next few months.

From now on, players can apply for one of the highly demanded spots on www.tribalwars2.com. The game sports state-of-the-art graphics and will later be released as cross-platform game for Android, iOS and all browsers. Therefore, players can set up one account for all platforms and play from whichever combination of devices they choose.

“Tribal Wars was the starting point for the success story of InnoGames. The game contains so much passion and personal commitment. This is why we’re very happy that Tribal Wars 2 will be the first native cross-platform game published by InnoGames.” explains Hendrik Klindworth, founder of InnoGames. An early closed beta aims at quickly receiving player feedback for future optimization.

In Tribal Wars 2, players find themselves as leader of a small village in the midst of a medieval world. Tasked with growing and expanding their empire within a war-torn landscape, they have to fight in order to survive. The MMO’s focus is real-time strategic battles with and against other players. Army size is not all that matters – political alliances and military pacts are crucial for success. Team play is a key aspect of the game. Compared to its predecessor, Tribal Wars 2 offers a significantly enhanced set of features, with a total of 17 buildings, 26 technologies and 13 units.

Tribal Wars was developed as a hobby project in 2003 by the three founders of InnoGames, Hendrik Klindworth, Eike Klindworth and Michael Zillmer. Even though financial success was not the goal, the game grew to a size where it was impossible to maintain privately. Today, Tribal Wars has more than 50 million registered players and recently celebrated its tenth birthday with a big in-game event and a video saying thank you.